Man’s Best Friend and a Glass of Wine Wine Tasting Aspen

Wine Tasting Aspen

You can’t make wine
without a dog!

Many California vineyards and wineries are keeping their dogs on their properties, and because so many of these businesses are family-owned, welcoming dogs, pets, and families to wine country is natural.

Large, small, young and aged, the vast number of breeds is a delight to discover the personalities of man’s best friend as it should be – in environments where the dogs are free to roam, play and interact with visitors to the vineyards to be patted, hugged, spoiled and admired.

While some dogs act as mascots and friendly greeters, others welcome dogs into their tasting rooms, offering water and the occasional dog cookie. Still others take the dog friendliness to a whole different level. Robert Biale Vineyards in Napa host a “Dog days of summer” every August where the ambassadors are their two Labrador Retrievers Molly & James. The wine tastings are overshadowed by barks, drool and excessive tail wagging. Robert Biale Vineyards boast it’s their busiest day of the entire summer.

There are many dog friendly wineries, serving up fine wines and delicious corks for dogs. You can dine in fine restaurants with your best friend at your side. Sounds a bit like Aspen but with vineyards.

There’s something about dogs and wine I want us to explore.  You’ll understand that there’s a deep sort of connection between dogs and wine that, and if you’ll indulge me a little, I’ll try to explain. But, I think it’s just that the two things–dogs and wine– are so elemental to the existence that the two things can’t be divided. The dog was the first animal to which the human bonded, and the vine was what I believe to be the first plant to seduce us into settled life. Just like drinking wine, or pruning a vine, to be a human with a dog is to participate in the most ancient of acts. Without the dog, we’d never have made it so far as to wander northwards into the snow and find the grapevine surviving the age of ice, clinging to an oak tree.

So to all the furry friends in the vineyards that remind us to appreciate the companionship, loyalty and joy dogs bring to our lives, and to simply enjoy being with them as much as they enjoy everyone – especially accompanied by a delicious glass of wine.


LeeAnn Kaufman
Sommelier, The St. Regis Aspen Resort


Call: (970) 920-3300

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