Like language, music seems to be a universal human capacity.

It is a sensuous medium that is engaging, moving, and has the ability to elicit emotion, feelings, and thoughts from the individual. For those passionate about music, there are countless opportunities for you to enjoy live music in Aspen. Some of the venues worth-noting are:

Aspen Music Festival and School
Visit the Aspen Music Festival and School and listen to a distinguished roster of musical talent: from students, conductors, to guest artists from all over the world. For more information about the Aspen Music Festival and School, click here.

Jazz Aspen Snowmass: To Present and Preserve Jazz
The Jazz Aspen Snowmass is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to present and preserve jazz and all similar forms of music. From festivals, events, performances, to educational programs, the Jazz Aspen Snowmass continues to attract a wide range of visitors from throughout the Rocky Mountains and beyond. For more information about festivals and events, click here.

Belly Up Aspen
Opened by Michael Goldberg, Belly Up Aspen hosts over 300 live concerts every year, featuring hundreds of musical talent from all over the globe. With a venue capacity of 450 people and a growing line up of talent, Belly Up Aspen is the perfect live music venue for an unforgettable night out.
For more information, click here.


Embrace your passion for the creative arts and be inspired by all the art galleries, exhibits, and museums in the city.

Galleries with fully-equipped art studios, events, workshops and more, Aspen offers endless opportunities to explore your creativity. Here are some galleries and museums worth-noting:

The Red Brick Council for the Arts
The Red Brick Council for the Arts offers numerous classes for children and adults. From building, sculpting, to creating intricate paper collages, the Red Brick Council for the Arts is definitely the perfect place to get in touch with your inner artist. For more information about the programs and workshops offered at the Red Brick Council, visit theirwebsite.

The Aspen Art Museum
The Aspen Art Museum exhibits innovative contemporary works that actively engage the viewers and allow for a unique and insightful experience of art, culture, and society. For more information about the Aspen Art Museum, click here.
The Anderson Ranch Arts Center
The Anderson Ranch Arts Center is a place for people to develop their creativity spirits. Join workshops to constantly challenge and exercise your creative mind. Enrich yourself with creativity and discover, learn, and grow. For more information about the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, click here.


Discover all that Aspen has to offer by journeying through its winding streams and local rivers on kayak or canoe.

If you enjoy kayaking and canoeing on winding streams, make sure you visit the North Star Nature Preserve. With 175 acres of open space in Pitkin County, the North Star Nature Preserve is truly an immaculate place for those who enjoy mellow rivers. Home to hundreds of biologically diverse species, paddling along the meandering streams is definitely an experience that will not be forgotten. Discover the true beauty of nature and embark on a breathtaking excursion through the local rivers in Aspen. If you have zero experience and are looking for fully guided tours, visit Blazing Adventures or the Aspen Kayak Academy. Aspen waters are appropriate for any ability level – from beginners to the seasoned expert – and are suitable for anyone who can swim. Let the roaring rapids of Aspen’s local rivers take you on an unforgettable journey.


Experience the quality of Aspen dining and send your tastebuds on an unforgettable culinary adventure.

For exceptional tasting food, you don’t need to walk far from your hotel room. At the St. Regis Aspen Resort, delight your tastebuds by visiting The Chefs Club by FOOD & WINE for a curated menu of seasonally inspired cuisine. For an unrivalled breakfast menu, head to The Buttermilk Room for a casual yet upscale dining experience. End the day off with a visit to the Shadow Mountain Lounge, where you can relax by the fire and cozy up to loved ones while sipping on cocktails, aperitifs, wines, and more. If you’re exploring the city, drop by Aspen’s newest hot spot, Brexi Brasserie, for some simple and hearty French food. Feeling even more adventurous? Try Kenichi Inc., a fun and hip sushi bar with a bustling dining room, private tatami rooms and an extensive wine and sake list. Whether you want to hire a personal chef for private dining in your home or take your meal outdoors and dine underneath clear blue skies, there is surely something for everyone’s palate.


Refresh the mind and revitalize the body as you embark on a quest for self-discovery and wellness.

At the Remède Spa, escape to a sanctuary of indulgence and complete relaxation. Spa guests enjoy complimentary access to all Remède features, including the state-of-the-art fitness center. Join highly trained yoga instructors and learn to re-energize yourself through physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Other fitness facilities outside of the resort include the Aspen Club & Spa, featuring extensive fitness classes that run periodically throughout the day. For daily yoga classes for any ability level, drop by O2 Aspen for customized private sessions with highly trained instructors.


If you’re into fashion and the latest trends, Aspen is a wonder to behold.

Shop Aspen’s fashion houses, outfitters, pedestrian shopping malls, unique boutiques and high end shops. Downtown Aspen is best explored on foot and therefore makes for a perfect opportunity for shopping and discovery. The highest concentration of shopping centers is located along a simple grid consisting of Main Street, Hopkins Avenue, Hyman Avenue, Cooper Avenue and Durant Street.

ATV Riding

Nearly 2000 miles of trails and roads provide an opportunity to explore Aspen on a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Whether you are an expert rider or a beginner you will find an ATV experience that’s just right for you. One of many Aspen’s local outdoor outfitters will provide rentals, expertise and service to get you ready for the trails. The top riding destinations to look out for include the historic logging sites of Kobey Park, the vast expanses of Aspen Mountain and the Express Creek Road to Taylor Pass and Crested Butte.


Aspen skiing is legendary, and for good reason.

Standing tall at over 4,000 vertical feet, Snowmass stands as one of the scenic wonders of alpine Colorado. The mountain includes 21 lifts, 3 terrain parks, 1 superpipe, 1 beginner pipe and 9 restaurants. Learn More

Snowshoe Tours

A naturalist guide will teach you snowshoe fundamentals then lead you on an unforgettable tour of mountain trails. The easy yet exciting terrain caters to all abilities and fitness levels.


Spend a day exploring the high country, propelled past frozen blue crystal waterfalls and over snowy vistas. Then enjoy a delightful hot lunch in a rustic cabin before riding back to Aspen for après ski.

Winter Fly Fishing

Aspen’s mild winters make it the ideal place for winter fly fishing. Onsite adventure guides from Aspen Outfitting will take you to the best spots in the Roaring Fork River as well as other local streams and private water.

Rock Climbing

Learn to scale Aspen’s lofty peaks. Instruction begins with movement on rock, including exercises and bouldering techniques. Then you’ll “learn by doing” with extensive top-rope belay climbing on the magnificent granite crags of Independence Pass.

Off-Road Jeep Tours

Guided 4X4 backcountry excursions traverse through verdant meadows and Blue Spruce forests, crest ridges and afford breathtaking views. Your tour will follow the route taken by the original pioneers traveling to Aspen on supply wagons pulled by mules and oxen.


Take just a few running steps then launch yourself into the open air above Aspen’s remarkable landscape. Not to worry, your flight will be piloted by a professional USHGA certified tandem pilot from Aspen Mountain. Treat yourself to Aspen’s most exhilarating experience.

Whitewater Rafting

The rivers of the Roaring Fork Valley offer tremendous whitewater opportunities. Choose from varying degrees of remoteness and difficulty, all of which provide stunning scenery and adventure, right at The Resort’s back door.

Hot Air Ballooning

Could there possibly be a better view of the Rocky Mountains than from the basket of your very own hot air balloon?

As you gently float across the sky you will have ample time to marvel at the rugged landscape, 14,000-foot peaks and beautiful open meadows below. You are guided by the winds and inspired by the views. Contact Above It All Balloon to set up an adventure today.

Clay Target Shooting

Try your hand at game shooting for fun, rather than sport. Course layouts and target presentations reflect the habits and flight of various game birds. Aspen Outfitting provides certified NSCA instructors who will assist with shotgun safety, techniques and effectiveness.


Will you still be on top of your game in Aspen’s thin air? Challenge yourself on one of four hard courts located at the historic West End of town. If a tournament is what you seek, a St. Regis coordinator can facilitate a round robin.


For more than 60 years, skiing has been at the heart of life in Aspen. When the snow melts and the leaves return, however, the season gives birth to a different Aspen, beckoning all outdoor adventurists to explore the city’s beauty. From skiing to mountaineering to bicycling, Aspen is the place to go for residents and visitors who want to experience breathtaking scenes and endless opportunities for exploration.

There are numerous rides to choose from in the Roaring Fork Valley. Rides originating from Aspen and Snowmass Village are moderate to steep one way, with great downhill coasts on the other end. All of the roads are paved, with most of them narrow and utilized by vehicles as well. Because bicycling is such a popular sport in Aspen, most motorists are very considerate of cyclists. Still, it is always wise to be alert and cautious on all routes as tight curves and steep inclines can impair all those who travel on the roads.

If you are interested in racing opportunities, make sure to visit the Aspen Cycling Club. The Aspen Cycling Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging participation in bicycling at all levels, sponsors weekly races where riders can choose to ride 10, 30, 50, or 100 miles. Hardy cyclists can find places to ride all year-round. The cycling season extends for most, however, from the month of March through October. In this region, the same ride assumes a very different character in each season.


Take a backcountry excursion with an experienced nature guide. Your journey will include winding rivers, meadows of wildflowers and groves of Aspen trees. Along the way, you’ll learn about the area’s historical and geological background, flora and fauna.

Mountain Biking

A tangle of backcountry roads and trails crisscross the Aspen wilderness, making it ideal for all levels of cyclists.

Downhill tours, overnight hut trips and half and full day excursions allow you to experience it all. Click here for a map of ideal Aspen & Snowmass area mountain bike trails.

Dog Sledding

Glide through the wilderness in a unique adventure through Aspen’s back-country.

The Alaskan tradition of dog sledding is over 10,000 years old and marks the first known co-operation between man and animal.

Krabloonik Fine Dining & Dogsledding

Enjoy some exquisitely prepared game and fresh fish, an award-winning wine list and amazing mountain views followed by a guided dog sled tour through the Snowmass and Aspen wilderness. Ten dogs pull each sled and experienced mushers handle the sleds during 1.5-2 hour sessions. Learn More


The history of Aspen began with the Ute Indians who resided in the area for over 800 years before miners took over in 1879. Aspen is home to a rich history with many historical sites, so here are a few that are worth visiting:

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Ashcroft was once a prosperous silver mining town of 2,000 people, but it is now a deserted place with 12 eerie, abandoned buildings. Located only 10 miles from Aspen on Castle Creek Road, Ashcroft Ghost Town is accessible all year round. Visitors can tour the town site, which includes a jail, a saloon, a hotel, several residences and a store. Tours are offered daily.

Ute Cemetery, Aspen

Known as Evergreen Cemetery in the 19th century, Ute Cemetery has been in use since 1880. A small, overgrown place with approximately 200 burials, Ute Cemetery is a great example of a frontier burial ground. Aspen Walking Tours offers special walks telling the stories of the pioneers buried there.

Independence Ghost Town

The Independence Ghost Town is located southeast of Aspen in central western Colorado. Located 13.5 miles east of Aspen, this little mining town produced over $190,000 worth of gold between 1881 and 1882. It was deserted in the late 1800s after a severe storm knocked out supply routes. It is open daily for self-guided tours, but shuts down during the winter months. Historic cabins, saloons, and boarding houses recall the towns thriving mining days. A historical and environmental interpretive station is also located here.

Smuggler Mine

Put on a hard hat and travel inside the earth like the miners of western lore did over a century ago. Go on a tour of Aspen’s historic Smuggler Mine, where the world’s largest silver nugget (93% pure silver and weighing in at 2350 pounds) was found. Today, there are no residents at Smuggler, but there are still remnants of the town and mine that are worth visiting.

Wheeler Opera House

The Wheeler Opera House is a historic three-story sandstone building on the corner of Hyman Avenue and Mill Street. Take a casual walk through downtown Aspen and visit this historical theatre that dates back to the turn of the century. Housing headliners of music and the arts, Wheeler Opera House was built in 1889 during the peak of the Silver Boom and has even survived two fires and renovations.

Wheeler-Stallard House Museum

The Wheeler-Stallard House is located on West Bleeker Street and is an 1880s brick structure built in the Queen Ann architectural style. Built by Jerome Wheeler, the house was later bought by Walter Paepcke, who heavily invested in Aspen’s development into a cultural center and upscale ski resort. Since the late 1960s, it has been the home of the Aspen Historical Society, which operates it partially as a historic house museum.

Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum

Built in 1891 to process ore mined from the mountains into silver, the site had to be shut down when silver production dropped, forcing it into bankruptcy. The buildings remained standing were eventually bought by a local rancher to expand. The museum now has more than 20 exhibits about the rise and decline of silver mining in and around Aspen. While it is possible to visit the site at any time, tours of the museum are only by appointment.


Aspen offers equestrian bliss: Riding tours take you through breathtaking Aspen groves and up to the Snowmass Wilderness area. From beginner to advanced rider, the perfect trip awaits.

1.5hr, 2hr or 3hr Trail Rides on Buttermilk

We’ll show you Buttermilk Mountain from the saddle. Two-hour trail rides include beautiful scenery with views of the Snowmass, Aspen and Aspen Highlands and some peaceful time in the mountains.

Government Trail Rides

Let Blazing Adventures and Aspen Wilderness Outfitters give you an introduction to our beautiful mountains from atop one of our fun-loving horses. A trail ride that is located just 10 minutes from Aspen on the Government Trail. Prepare yourself for spectacular wildflowers or the gold of fall colors as you ride to Buttermilk Meadows to enjoy views of Pyramid Peak and the Maroon Valley.

Maroon Bells Wilderness Trip
A friendly horse transports you into the Maroon Bells Wilderness. Your guide will give you a tour of the famous Maroon Valley and East Maroon Canyon. You will enjoy great views of Pyramid Peak and the Bells, which are, by the way, the most photographed peaks in North America.

Breakfast Rides
Why can’t every day start like this? It’s a great Rockies adventure! Breakfast features fresh OJ, eggs, French toast, sausage and cowboy coffee. Add hillsides covered with wildflowers and local aspen groves, and you have the ingredients for a perfect breakfast.

1hr, 2hr Trail Rides – Old Snowmass
A great trip for families, friends and groups looking for a leisurely ride. Catch a glimpse of Mt Sopris and the breathtaking Capitol Valley with Exceptional photo opportunities along the way. A great way to experience Colorado’s wilderness and leave time for all your activities.

1hr, 2hr Trail Rides – Maroon Valley
Ride through spectacular Maroon Creek Valley from the T Lazy 7 Ranch stables. 10 minutes drive to ranch, easy and accessible.

Capitol Peak Wilderness Trip
Just 12 miles from Aspen, in the remote town of Old Snowmass, is the trailhead to the Capitol Peak Wilderness area. Here you can explore miles of remote trails on responsive horses. The impressive peaks of Mt. Daly and Capitol are always in the scene.

Van Horn Park Wilderness Trip
Our journey will begin with a spectacular van ride to Woody Creek and up that valley to the old logging and mining community of Lenado. Along the way, we will pass several famous residences such as the $40 million Barbie Benton estate and the 53,000 square foot house of Prince Bandar.


You are invited to play your next round of golf in luxury and style.

With years of experience in the golf business, Local Aspen courses provide quality and unparalleled customer service with a determination to make your next round a memorable one.

Aspen Golf Club

Just minutes from downtown Aspen, the Aspen Golf Club provides a challenging 18-hole course set in the heart of the Rockies and Roaring Fork Valley. On site facilities include a PGA award-winning Golf Shop, practice hitting area, chipping green, putting green, cart rentals, full-service locker rooms, group and private instruction and the fabulous Red Mountain Grill. Learn More

Ironbridge Golf Club

Set in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley and often referred to as “the best kept secret in the valley” the Ironbridge Golf Club is an 18-hole, 495-foot gain in elevation, alpine course with stunning views of Mt. Sopris. On site facilities include an unrivaled junior’s program, practice facility, PGA pros and a Golf Shop. Other on-site facilities include a recreation area with family pool, hot tub, kids’ water park, kids’ climbing wall, basketball, tennis, playground area, meeting/activity/party room, 4 miles of hiking and bike paths, catch-and-release trophy fishing ponds and wide open spaces. Learn More


Aspen provides snowboarders of all skill levels and style preferences a playground to satisfy their favourite winter passion.


Standing tall at over 4,000 vertical feet, Snowmass stands as one of the scenic wonders of alpine Colorado. The mountain includes 21 lifts, 3 terrain parks, 1 superpipe, 1 beginner pipe and 9 restaurants. Learn More


Experienced anglers as well as beginners are invited to “wet a line” in one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s Gold Medal Rivers. Onsite adventure guides from Aspen Outfitting can assist with excursion planning.

The Fork

Wandering down from the high country of Colorado flows a river that changes from small to mighty, offering something for everyone. The scenery and character of this river changes drastically, as does the elevation. It starts at over 12,000 feet, ending as it flows into the Colorado at about 7,800 feet – an elevation change of 4,200 feet in its 70 mile trek. The river flows obliviously through the developing areas in the Roaring Fork Valley – you can escape this too by fishing the “Fork”.

The Fryingpan

A favorite fishing river of so many. Why? Combine a beautiful Colorado river, with good access and gold medal status and this is the result. The river was named, according to legend, for a fryingpan left in a tree to mark the spot of a fallen comrade in a fight with Indians. This area hosts legends of mining and the frontier of early Colorado, and current legends of growth and wealth. But this river seems to have escaped most of the recent insanity near Aspen, and hopefully much of it will be preserved forever.

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