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Aspen Spa Director Julie Oliff

“The No Complaining Rule” – Remède Spa, Aspen

Our Spa Team just finished reading “The No Complaining Rule” by Jon Gordon – which oddly enough, is not really about not complaining – it’s about choosing to be happy. A quote in the book by Abraham Lincoln states

“a man is as happy as he chooses to be;”

this struck home with us, because we make it our mission to not only be happy, but to do everything we can to make others happy.

What on earth does any of this have to do with Spas, you might ask?

Spas are the place that people come to relax, escape, and rejuvenate – or in other words, be happy. If our mission as a Spa is to create wonderful happy experiences, then it all starts with who we are as humans.

Don’t get me wrong, us spa people can come over as a little crazy sometimes. We like to hug people, we talk about energy and odd stuff that seems a little out there. But in the end, our calling is to ensure you leave our spa a happier, healthier person. ‘Positivity in the workplace’ takes on a whole new meaning, when creating happiness is a job description.

Julie Oliff
Director of Remède Spa

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