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Farm-to-Massage-Table (FTMT)

What does happiness look like? Since it’s our job description to create happy experiences, we put some serious thought into this question. For me, it’s quite simply a cup of tea, my cat and a really good book – but that makes me sound a little like a crazy cat lady – so I tried to find a slightly more socially acceptable definition.

What we came up with was that we are most happy when all our senses are aligned and satisfied – when taste, smell, touch and sight are tantalized and inspired. We though it would be simply amazing to have a spa service that accomplished all that – so we created one.

The Remède team put their thinking caps on – we looked a little funny, but one must make sacrifices for greatness – and and the Farm-to-Massage-Table concept was born almost by accident. When we were exitedly describing the idea to the first technicians to try it out – and talking about how we were going to be using locally-sourced and natural incredients – they joked it was a twist on the already popular Farm-to-Table concept… Our “table” just happens to be more comfortable than most.

Little did we realize as we tasted test bites and tested products, that we were creating something wholly new and terribly exciting. When we found the perfect partnership with Salt of the Earth, a highly customized product line out of Utah, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together quite magically.

Imagine this: you plan on spending the entire day at Remède. Your experience starts with a scent journey, where you can select a savory and a sweet choice. (My personal favorites are Cabernet-Neroli for the savory and Almond-Biscotti for the sweet!) Once you’ve picked your scent, you’re offered a tailored bite that echoes and compliments the scent you selected. You then go in to a 30-minute salt glow scrub made from the savory scent, followed by a 60-minute customized massage, a ‘palate-cleansing’ eucalyptus warm compress, and then topped off with a 30-minute scalp massage and Sweet whipped body butter application.

But life is not complete without dessert, so when you emerge from your body butter application, you’re offered a hand-crafted bite of dessert that echoes the flavors that were just used in your service – and of course, a glass of bubbly.

Your senses have been aligned – you’ve tasted what you’ve smelled, sensed and seen. You’ve treated your body like your palate and been scrubbed, massaged and fed. You also leave the spa with a complimentary salt-scrub made fresh, just for you.

That sounds like happiness to us.

Julie Oliff
Director of Remède Spa


Photo Credit Douglas Hayes

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